7 urgent steps for protection of the environment in Ukraine: open letter

Together with leading environmental organizations, the Ukrainian Climate Network urges the President, the Cabinet of Ministers, and the Verkhovna Rada to adopt 7 crucial bills for protecting Ukraine’s environment and successful European integration.

Attn: President of Ukraine Volodymyr ZELENSKYI

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys SHMYHAL

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ruslan STEFANCHUK





We are representatives of the Ukrainian environmental community. Since the war started, we have been working to defeat the aggressor. However, we cannot leave aside the matter of Ukrainian environmental protection.

The Russian invasion is a tragedy. It is also a window of opportunity. The opportunity to provide for a higher level of safety and well-being for Ukrainian citizens. Now Ukraine is closer than ever to European integration. Will this process succeed? It will also depend on the ability of our country to protect its environment.

Environmental protection started in Europe at Stockholm International Conference back in June 1972. The sustainable development concept was discussed for the first time and 26 principles of environmental protection were developed. These principles became the basis for all future international environmental treaties as well as cross-cutting environmental policies of the EU countries.

We, among others, have been working to harmonize the Ukrainian and European environmental legislation for a long time. We managed to achieve certain success. However, the majority of essential environmental draft laws have not been passed yet. Some of them are directly envisaged by the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. Failure to pass up-to-date environmental protection laws can jeopardize European integration.

We are convinced that Ukraine needs environmental reforms more than ever. It is the basis for the Ukrainian ‘Green Deal’ and sustainable post-war rebuilding of the country. It is a chance to demonstrate that Ukraine is a country which has an environment among its priorities which provides for the long-term well-being of its citizens. This path contains 7 urgent steps, i.e. 7 draft laws that need to be passed.

We are also convinced that the environment is a priority even in times of war. Therefore, certain anti-environmental laws passed in March this year surprise us. They mean movement towards russia and not the EU values.

We demand the fastest approval of 7 draft laws which are critical for environmental protection and successful European integration:

  1. 3091 (On State Environmental Control).
  2. 6004-2 (On Ensuring the Citizens’ Constitutional Rights to Environment that is Safe for Life and Health).
  3. 2207-1д (On Waste Management).
  4. 4461 (On Emerald Network Territories).
  5. 4197-д (On Timber Market).
  6. 5413 (On Making Changes to Some Legislative Acts of Ukraine Regarding Protection and Safeguarding of Particularly Valuable Areas of Natural Water Bodies and Water Courses).
  7. Draft Law on Amending Certain Legislative Acts on Renewing Operation of Some Environmental Regulations (requires registration).

These 7 steps should be implemented immediately, without further delay. We are ready to cooperate in any form to protect the Ukrainian environment!


Sincerely Yours,

ICO “Environment-People-Law”

NGO “Center for Environmental Initiatives “EcoAction”

World Wide Fund for Nature Ukraine (WWF-Ukraine)

NGO “Danube-Carpathian Programme” (DCP-Ukraine)

NGO “Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group”

Initiative Group “Free Svydovets”

NGO “EcoClub”

Ukrainian Climate Network

NGO “Center for International Cooperation and Projects Implementation”

National Environmental Council

All-Ukrainian Ecological League

Black Sea NGO Network

Ukrainian Ecological Academy of Science

NGO “Green Generation”

Public Union MUSI

NGO “SaveDnipro / SaveEcoBot”

NGO “Clean City-KR”

NGO “Stop Poisoning Kryvyi Rih”


NGO “EcoGvalt”

NGO “Bureau of Environmental Investigations”

NGO “Ecoltava”

Agency for Sustainable Development of the Carpathian Region FORZA

Youth Non-Governmental Environmental Organization “Our Home Maniava”

NGO “Dzyga”

NGO “Zero Waste Society”

NGO “Flora”

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