Lugano conference: how the world sees Ukraine’s renovation

In Switzerland there started the so called Lugano conference on planning of Ukraine’s renovation. It is monitored by Natalia Hozak, CEO, NGO «Ecoaction», and Anna Akermann, specialist on climate and energy policy.

Among the participants – Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelens’ky (online), Ukraine’s Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, officials from President’s Office, government, Parliament, business, civil society – over 50 countries and 20 international organizations in total.

The environmental part of Ukraine’s renovation plan was presented to world community by Ruslan Strilets’, Ukraine’s Minister of nature protection and resources.

“The respective chapter “Environmental security” was completed by over 200 experts, – commented the Minister. – Consequently, we have 76 projects on nature protection of total cost 25,5 billion euros. And we already take care about investments. Within LIFE program, with Ukraine recently joined, we can implement a number of projects even before we are members of the EU”.

It is claimed that strategic objective of post-war renovation is clean and safe environment, further observance of European “green deal” and the reconstruction of economics based on sustainable development principles.

Ukraine plans to fulfill nine urgent reforms that concern: waste management, state ecological inspection, industrial pollution control, complex monitoring of environment, reserved areas management and other.

Anticipated practical results include the use of modern technologies in reconstruction of industry and ten-fold cut in greenhouse gases emissions.

Additionally, the Ministry means to create:

  • over 100 modern facilities for waste management;
  • 10 classic national parks according to the EU standards;
  • 10 rehabilitation centers for wild animals;
  • 15 passage ways for animal migration routes;
  • 9 seed centers for growing tree saplings.

«We need high-standard renovation of our cities, in energy efficiency and climate as well, – claims Natalya Hozak, CEO, NGO “Ecoaction”. – We can not be dependent on fossil fuels anymore. We need to restore damaged ecosystems and promote clean industry. We’re in for decades of hard work and we can not allow to even start planning it wrong».

Before conference start, «Ekodiya» and activists from Greenpeace Switzerland have created the visualization of Ukraine’s future renovation: people dressed in yellow and blue hoist wind turbine as a token of sustainable and green renovation, completed by Ukrainians. With no fossil fuel. With no new nuclear projects.

For big cities, campaign participants claim, the reconstruction must be pointed towards sustainable technologies like solar energy, zero-energy buildings and urban planning  oriented at people and nature. Sustainable energy supply, besides providing advantages for environment, promotes as well energy independence.

Iris Menn, CEO, Greenpeace Switzerland: «Switzerland together with governments involved must by all means support Ukraine’s environmental, sustainable and socially fair renovation. This support starts today, in Lugano».


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