Off-grid & climate-neutral heating & hot water supply

On October 20, Ukrainian climate network has carried out useful webinar, featuring experts who spoke about relevant energy-independent solutions for heating and hot water supply. Here are speakers’ presentations and webinar video.

The assault on Ukrainian energy facilities was predictable, yet for now only electric grids are damaged. Winter is at hand – therefore, russian federation will attack heat supply networks. Winter 2022-23 is said to be the most severe one for independent Ukraine. War has caused problems with energy resources supply, destruction of energy infrastructure, and risk of new damage.

It is necessary to get ready for off-grid heating of crucial institutions – hospitals, maternity homes, kindergardens, schools, public buildings. It is also advisable to make office buildings comfortable for work, too. How should hromadas obtain off-grid heating?

Ukrainian hromadas have no time left to implement large projects before winter, yet they still can use some on-site solutions. At the same time, one has to realize that sustainable development of energy sector away from russian fossils requires thought-out strategy and long-run planning.

Within the webinar, experts from Ukrainian climate network together with guest practitioners have shared basic principles of planning and technological solutions that will help hromadas make it through the oncoming winter and further improve their energy security.

Maksym Babayev, coordinator, UCN. «What is sustainable development of local energy sector and what climate change and war have to do with it». Download presentation>>20 10 22 Stala energetyka_Babaev

Dmytro Sakaliuk, expert on energy efficiency, NGO «Ekoklub». «Heat pumps for households and institutions: how it works and for whom». Download presentation >>20 10 22 Teplonasos_Sakaluk

Yuri Holovach, project manager, Solarmax. «Solar energy for hospitals and kindergartens. Solar collectors used in public institutions». Download presentation >>20 10 22 Geliosystemy_Golovach

Oleksandr Kovpak, technical director, «Atmosfera». «Solar heating and hot water supply in winter: mission possible». Download presentation>>20 10 22 Nagriv vody_Kovpak

Stepan Kushnir, Head of Board, Khmel’nyts’ky energy cluster, has given guidelines on the use of biomass energy in hromadas, spoke on growing energy species, like the most common, energy willow and silver grass.

Watch video from webinar >>

Webinars are conducted within the Project «Sustainable functioning and development of networks of Ukrainian climate NGOs in war conditions», supported by Heinric

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