180 million euro from international CO2 trading recently disappeared from the Ukrainian budget

Українців ошукали на майже 2 млрд грн кіотських грошейHundreds of hospitals and schools in Ukraine will remain uninsulated and thus barely habitable at cold seasons, as the respective line in the newly approved Ukraine’s state budget for 2014 was extremely reduced.

As of early October 2013 there was remainder of EUR 180 million of EUR 470 million on the account of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine from operations under international emission trading of Kyoto Protocol. But State budget of Ukraine for 2014 provides only UAH 5 million to finance thermal insulation of social purpose estate. Moreover, this also expects to cover costs for “the development of international cooperation on climate change”.

Ukraine agreed that major part of revenues obtained from selling CO2 emission allowances will be used to implement energy saving projects in municipal buildings and utilities.

All 707 projects, approved and financed by Japan, are to be finished according to agreement with Ukrainian government. Over 600 of them aim at providing energy efficiency in educational and medical institutions. National ecological centre of Ukraine warns that official Tokyo can require to return money back as used on inappropriate purpose, if Ukrainian government doesn’t follow its commitments contemplated by contract.

“Our public investigation demonstrates at least dozens of projects all over the country which are not implemented yet. And the current budget for 2014 will not be enough”, claims Andriy Zheleznyy, coordinator of civil monitoring “Green Investment Scheme like it must be” [http://470mln.org.ua/].

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